, littleton

, Colorado

, United States

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2020-02-15 15:04:10
“My father was into flying fixed wing RC aircraft before I was even born. when I was a child me and my dad built some RC planes together. He taught me a lot about how they worked and we had fun flying them in the back yard. we live on 4 acres and there is is plenty room to fly. This was a great bonding experience with my dad and really gave me technical mindset as I grew up. I now have multiple quad copters. I build and repair my own FPV drones. I enjoy flying them in my back yard and in the colorado rocky mountains far away from people where I can get amazing footage of nature. there is no cell phone signal a lot of great places where I fly. If this new regulation goes through all it will do is cause mass noncompliance and contempt for the FAA. most people want to follow the law but if the FAA goes through with this new regulation as written they provide no reasonable way for people who build and repair their own drones to comply with remote ID.”