, Tucson

, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-26 0:56:27
“This hobby saved my life. I was suicidally depressed, then found FPV, and it brought me back. I met others, locally and online, made friends, and spent hours doing something that brought me great joy. I fly mostly micros, or under 250g quads exclusively currently, but am interested in medium range quads under 250g. Best solution, I believe, would be sub 250g on private property be unrestricted. Sub 250 outside of private property pilots should take an online test, get a license, and sign an online form agreeing to SAFE procedures at all times, such as not flying near or over others, or densely populated areas. All over-250g flying not on private property be required to put license # on inner surface, for identification in event of loss or crash. Pilots should be held responsible for any damage from not adhering to agreed-upon rules posted with test. Non-hobbyists need to realize the very great majority of people who fly are VERY careful and thoughtful about it. We are not trying to cause trouble, and are very safe 99.9% of the time. REASONABLE rules to promote safety would be acceptable. Massive restrictions would not. The whole safety issue around this hobby has been blown out of all reasonable proportion. Many, many more people are more seriously injured and more property damaged from motorists, and any teen of correct age can get a license and drive ANYWHERE THEY WANT, in a much more dangerous vehicle than ANY RC vehicle. A lot of people drive drunk. I’ve NEVER heard of a drunk FPV pilot. Lets all be realistic and reasonable, take steps to encourage safety, and not unnecessarily inhibit one of the greatest, most fun hobbies ever. Out of curiosity I contacted every major news outlet in my city, as well as the police department, and asked if they had heard of or dealt with any issues regarding this hobby; there was not ONE SINGLE incident. In a city of almost a million people, with the best flying remote control craft weather ANYWHERE. Let’s not blow the ‘dangers’ of this hobby out of proportion, nor have a knee-jerk reaction to the PERCEIVED dangers. Thank you.”