, Akron

, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-14 14:26:51
“When I was young, around 10 I’d say, I remember seeing someone flying an RC plane near a soccer field I was playing at. I knew about RC planes but always had some cheap off the shelf toy in mind, not this nice scale model that was being flown like a real plane, 1000x better than any toy could ever hope. However I didn’t get into the hobby til around age 22 because after seeing that beautiful model being flown I decided that it would be way too expensive to get into and put it off my mind. It wasn’t until I saw a video on YouTube of a foamboard Avengers Helicarrier being flown in my college’s field house that I thought that it was something that I could actually afford to get into. Once I discovered FliteTest and saw how low the barrier to entry really was I finally dug into it and started to develop new skills and passions and friends that I otherwise never would have had. Some of the proposed regulations and requirements worry me because it seems like they will easily and dangerously rase that barrier to entry and keep many people, young and old, from discovering the same good things that I have with this hobby.”