, Morrilton

, Arkansas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 16:32:04
“One of my fondest memories with my father as a young child revolves around rc airplanes. I remember going to friends of my father’s and working on airplanes to fly in their backyards. The time that I spent with my dad tearing down and rebuilding aircraft is some of my most memorable. Fast forward to today, 20+ years later, my dad is gone and I have a daughter of my own. We spend our mornings watching cartoons and working on the very same things my father and I did when I was young. From our freestyle quads, tinywhoops, and cenimatic drones all the way to our scratch built foam or balsa wood airplanes. If the currently proposed regulations were to get passed through they would completely eliminate the capability of making these memories with my daughter and end a 40+ year heritage that my family has of rc aircraft. I often acredit this hobby for getting me where I am today. The knowledge that I gained; aerodynamics, engineering, mathematics, electronics, and much more, opened doors for me to become the man I am. I would hate to see one of the greatest hobbies in American history just waste away due to an oversight or a “good idea”… The truth is that not all “Great ideas” are great and can cause more harm than good.”