, Snowflake

, Arizona

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-16 13:43:27
“My personal flight experiance has been limited to personally owned micro helicopters and drones that freinds and family owned. I’ve wanted to expand my experiance in the RC flight hobby but cost and available fields in my area are few and far between. Park fliers could be an option for me at one place. However the requirement of internet required connectivity to fly a in rural community like mine would make this difficult. Even in our town cell coverage can drop even in sight of a cell tower. Is a plane I just invested hundreds of dollars in going to fall out of the sky when it stops broadcasting? To my knowledge only one incident has been caused by drones and that was foolish people getting in the way of fire fighting efforts in California. If holding people responsible for improper behavior must be a thing. The only solution I can think of is have all recievers printed/incrypted with a VINand to unlock it for use one must register it with a FAA site. If the craft causes a crash or is captured by anti drone nets or the like the user of the craft can be tracked down. I think this would be the most cost effective measure and the one least likely to infringe on peoples right to privacy. Thank you for your time.”