, New Hampshire

, United States

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2020-02-23 10:48:00
“Model building at a young age helped me develop an interest in engineering that lead to a college program and a career in engineering and manufacturing. During my working career I worked on aircraft, both military and commercial, aerospace, rockets and armament and space craft. I mostly build my aircraft from scratch or from plans as I enjoy the challenge. I also give back to the community as a volunteer and mentor to local school STEM programs that deal with building and flying remote control vehicles. I have been involved in the RC hobby for more than 35 years as I find it both challenging and relaxing. I believe that here should be stricter regulations on remotely controlled vehicles that are flow beyond line of site, such as those aircraft that are proposed for delivery purposes. Hobby and recreational craft that are flown within line of site should be exempt from these cumbersome proposed regulations.”