, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-20 22:22:04
“FPV flying is such a fun unique hobby. It is able to bring together a bunch of people that push each other to become better pilots. Making it easier for people to get into FPV helps to build the community that can give each other new ideas and self-regulate/teach safety measures. I believe that most FPV pilots are doing the hobby recreationally or to get cool flight videos with unique perspectives in locations that may be hard to get to sometimes. They are not looking to use the drones maliciously to harm others or spy. The proposed regulations would also limit the creative freedom pilots have for performing maneuvers, using the landscape or buildings, and could potentially create more safety issues with height and field restrictions that create crowded, boring flying spots. This defeats the whole purpose of FPV and would stop that advancements that have been rapidly happening in the hobby. Having some sort of required knowledge test like to get a boating license makes sense to promote and teach safety, but I believe some of the other proposed measures are taking this a little too far for the average hobbyist.”