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2020-02-13 21:23:53
“I am a hobby pilot/maker/builder that has been in the hobby since roughly 2011. My interest in Aviation/Electronics and Flitetest has directly lead to an interest and career in engineering for our defense industry. In addition to my professional pursuits, I have become a Powered Paraglider pilot operating under FAR-103 and am considering obtaining my private pilots license. As someone who literally hangs their butt out there on a paramotor, I fully recognize the need for safety. RemoteID does not achieve this. RemoteID and it’s many prohibitive restrictions is more about paving the way for Amazon than it is about protecting me during flight. Further, if remoteID had been in place in 2011 when I got in to the hobby, I very likely would not have ended up in the career path that I am in. My specific issues with remoteID and how it affect the hobby could be summarized as follows… 1) Requirement that the model be “tamper proof”, this directly prevents any innovation or home built models/aircraft 2), The requirement that all aircraft operate at a FRIA and new FRIA’s prevented from being established after 12 months. This will leave schools, stem programs and many many hobbyists/scratch builders with nowhere legally to fly. 3) The costs associated with installing RemoteID equipment, subscribing to data-plans and data usage charges across an entire fleet of models is simply prohibitive to the average scratch builder and effectively gates the hobby off to everyone except the small wealthy percent of the population that can afford to participate. It turns the hobby into pay to play. Lastly, what if, after all of this, Amazon and the like don’t succeed? Is there any provision to sunset or renew/review this law after a certain amount of time, or are we stuck with antiquated laws that hold no relevance to reality?”