, Sun City West

, Arizona

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 11:38:15
“I am a self taught RC pilot. I learned through my failures and successes. I learned before the resources of flight simulators were available. I wanted to be a real pilot since my aspirations were always about flight, but costs only allowed my to use RC as my way of achieving my needs. The costs of DIY airframes and inexpensive components have allowed me to stay in this hobby and fulfill my creativity. I own dozens of aircraft of all types; quad rotors, fixed wing, single rotor, home built, commercial store bought, foam, balsa, gliders and jets. I have them because I can afford them and they allow me different types of controlled flying experiences. The people I associate with in this hoby are all like me. We fly responsibly and follow the rules. We educate those who are unaware of their responsibilities and who are unaware of the rules. We are self regulated and competent in the management of our hobby. This hobby, by the way, is not something we just sometimes enjoy. This hobby is a passion for us since we earned the skills and education to experience the ability to fly. This is a freedom we earned through our hard work and determination. We are serious about maintaining the hobby and our passion to enjoy it. Regulating it restricts the responsible flyers and does little to improve safety. I really hate to make this comparison, however, regulation on guns has done little to improve safety in that realm. Education however, has made a difference. If the government wants to improve the RC hobby, then I suggest looking at education as a reasonable consideration rather than restrictions and requirements to hardware and locations.”