, Rochester Hills

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 21:39:30
“I love flying most forms of RC aircraft recreationally, I have flown many different kinds such as fix wing, multirotor and gliders. Everything from scratch built to fly types, micro indoor to large scale planes. I also have a young son who is currently 9 and we love to build and fly together too. We are members of a local club and are lucky to have a location reserved from us within a public park. The past few years we have taken a liking to RC soaring (gliders) particularly the hand launch kind. I do enjoy flying most aspects of the hobby but compared to other forms of model aviation I find soaring most interesting. This is because it makes you consider how to solve the challenging aspect of finding the free energy in thermals from the atmosphere. So in addition to modelling our gliders we are also learning a lot about all the aspects of how the weather affects your flying and how to take advantage of it for lift. Lift = higher altitude= more flight time= more enjoyment. In regards to the FAA’s remote ID proposal I am concerned that the regulations could effectively make RC soaring a banned activity because thermal updrafts that may carry remotely piloted aircraft above 400 feet. This has never been a problem for most sites as we use safety guidance from the Academy for Model Aircraft (“See and Avoid guidance” 540-D) for high altitude flights to avoid causing any problems with manned aircraft. My concern is that the new rule potentially makes this type of flight mode illegal when the cause for the ascension in altitude is derived from natural forces and despite being able to maintain control to avoid posing a danger to manned aircraft. Also RC slope soaring could be a banned activity because almost all flying sites require a slope formation (natural or man made) that is typically not a regular registered flying site because they are also weather (wind direction) dependent. Maintaining an established FRIA site for each of these would be an impossible task. I have many years of life to live here and my son has many more. I was intending to enjoy this hobby with him for the rest of my life together. I am afraid that this great hobby of ours could be ruined for us if this new rule takes hold as I will have limited ability to comply. Because of this it will discourage us and others from banding together to enjoy it. As I have mentioned earlier we are members of a club and have a site within a public park. Our Club is in greater danger because it is a RC soaring club specifically because the proposed rules appears to impact the soaring aspect of flying most greatly. I am also concerned that membership in our club will fall below the minimum required to maintain our presence in our park site that we utilize. If the regulations are too onerous new members will be reluctant to join and current members may fall out.”