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, Illinois

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2020-02-13 18:01:35
“Aviation has always been in my life. My dad was a private pilot and currently has a Luscombe. While I was young we went to Oshkosh EVERY year. After I grew up and left home my trips have been far and few between, but he goes each and every year (think he’s only missed one or two years in the 30 or so years!) I came REALLY close (ready for checkride) but then got remarried and “spare cash” became a thing of the past… Then I found RC aircraft… It started with a 2m P-51… I soon realized that probably isn’t the best aircraft to learn on… Thanks to you (Flite Test) I was soon on my way to realizing the dream of flight (on a much more manageable budget this time around.) I’ve been to Flite Fest two years now and I am amazed by the community. I’m sorry I don’t have a better story than that, just a regular guy, who loves aviation and flight and would be really sad and heartbroken if this community collapses.”