, Idaho

, United States

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2020-02-26 14:15:40
“I live in a mostly rural state, So most every where I fly is uncontrolled airspace. It would be nice if someone said that before I tore all my hair out thinking Id been breaking all sorts of rules. We don’t really apply in most of the cases that are issues. If it was me I would state just as clearly that uncontrolled airspace is exempt anyways. What I do see however, is a large overreach in terms of privacy. Personal ID, Realtime Tracking, Internet Service provider required. I would be concerned about Just one guy getting a hold of and running someone day badly because of bad information. I would use a transponder. I can’t as I said speak for those in critical areas, but where I live, It would be a waist of time and money to attempt just about all of the ideas proposed. 5 dollars per drone? 10 Per Pilot Yes. Again Im in uncontrolled airspace. Ok were all in the hobby but I Only fly one thing at a time, Just migrate the Transponder, Un-unique, totally private, and less costly to average Joe. And in that case just require that the transmitter send out a signal, It has to be within 400 feet right. 400 foot altitude, Sure that’s fine for me. 400 hundred foot distance, Um that’s not even to the end of the football field at the local school. Under 400ft, ok. Again I’m trying to help the guys in the cities, I gotta stop doing that. I do suppose that’s what guys in rural areas do get upset about. But that’s why where here.”