, Findlay

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-26 12:05:09
“I began flying 4.5 years ago with an older brother of mine since we were both fascinated by aviation and interested in aero modeling. Being the youngest of nine kids, and almost having a generation gap between myself and some of my older siblings, it sometimes was hard to connect with them. The ease of entering the hobby in an economical manner is what finally drew us in. This hobby has given us a tool to learn, explore, invent, and enjoy all aspects of aviation together. I have learned and appreciate so much more about history, science and engineering in the few short years of being involved in rc flying and research. This hobby has now become a family affair for us, with most of my four children involved in some manner or another with flight interests. I do think remote ID may be necessary in the future for long range beyond line of sight operation or the commercial side of aviation. However, I think it would be a huge mistake to require all models, or even most models, to have remote ID compliance. Expensive and burdensome regulations and equipment on hobbyists would severely inhibit the amount of individuals pursuing aviation in general, manned or unmanned, as many aviators got their start with models. There are some systems in place already as well as some good proposals from the industry that could be reviewed and proposed in place of the current proposal against all model aviation. I sincerely hope this hobby of model aviation continues to remain approachable so that we can shape and mold the next generation of innovators and aviators.”