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2020-02-22 9:47:15
“I am disabled and flying is a hobby i love and can afford, and keep in shape at feild, I fly year round, have been flying for 3 years, have about 6 airplanes all electric, obay all ama rules, the gps drone that can fly for miles is the problem, not our airplanes that might have a range of 1500 ft, if that, if this rule goes in to effect it will destroy 1000s of jobs in the industry, we been flying this way for 80 years with no problem, till the gps drones come into the picture, regulate that, not us that are at feild obaying rules and line of sight flying, its unfair to the hobby to destroy it because drone operators are flying them a mile up, crazy, not this flyer, thanks, plkease do not kill us because of other problems in the hobby”