, Galt

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 22:03:27
“I am on permanent disability and find it hard to do any hard physical tasks. I was a programmer and IT architect and have been tinkering with single board computers and was looking for a hobby to implement this technology. I then found out about FPV quad/drones for recreational flying and the ability to design and build my own craft and virtually fly anywhere that is safe (which is just about ANYWHERE). This hobby allows me to not only build, design, program and innovate designs with off the shelf components. Flying is a dream come true with the FPV camera and goggles it’s like I’m out and about without leaving my home. When I need room I can go to a local park area and fly around the surrounding fields & trees from my car. Most, if not all of these areas have no wi-fi and there are no available CBO’s within the state at this time. From my perspective these rules are only being put in place in order to clear the airspace for commercial autonomous drones that are going to deliver useless products that should be on ground transport.”