Siegelin Jr.

, orlando

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 4:16:59
“As an RC pilot and with my occasional hours in my friends ultralight I am astonished at the lack of knowledge and biases that has arisen in these proceedings. Playing on the assumption that the civilian population will misuse our toys with a low fact basis to support the claim. There is no way that the RC community should endure more stringent regulations than I do as an ultralight pilot. Also To have to purchase the equipment needed and to retrofit flight areas is an added burden and puts more strain on small air frames and motors. My location has trouble with internet, so much so that I had to purchase another cell plan to use as a router, this means I would either have to buy a new system or quit flying my larger aircraft. The regulations have already affected me. I am a manager of my fathers landscape nursery and because we are in the flight path of MCO I can not use UAVs to maintain my trees. I believe that more regulations will in fact do more damage than good and may cost the U.S. in innovation and the drive to build.”