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2020-02-14 18:27:49
“I live in the lakes area and several of my models are considered “seaplanes” or “float planes”. The new proposed regulations would basically eliminate this aspect of the sport I have loved for over 40 years. It is wonderful to walk out my front door, down 4 houses to the lake and fly my seaplanes. Great fun. Also i take my planes “up north” to a friends cottage in very rural Michigan and fly off thier lake. It is a great time, had by all. Putting additional electronic equipment in these models would definitely impact performance and possibly radio communications between the model and the pilot. And what if the plane noses over on landing. Now, more electionics must be dried out or replaced. At what cost? My other love is powered sailplanes. Being in lower Michigan, there are not a lot of mountains or cliffs to fly among. Some of my plane are over two meters in wingspan. I can currently fly at my field and at my best friend’s 60 acre property. Because the planes are so large and highly visible, I can clearly see my aircraft when I fly ocasionally greater than 400 ft in altitude (my sailplanes have onboard altitude telemetry) currently permitted by existing regulations.”