, Bessemer

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 3:22:14
“My interest in aerial photography was rekindled in 2013 after seeing some low altitude aerial drone footage. I had attempted in my youth (1960) to fashion a cheap camera to kites and helium balloons non of which worked. But I was intrigued by the possibility. Today it is a very important part of my life. It has become a way to keep my mind active with new challenges and learning experiences. Having a tech background was a perfect match. I spend several hrs each day helping others online with technical problems. I do so for enjoyment, strictly on a volunteer basis. Again, it keeps an old guys brain busy. I fly for hobby, never commercially. This is 100% enjoyment. But it’s a serious hobby for me. I have $15,000 – 20,000 invested in equipment. It includes small, medium and large drones as well as fixed wing including the Yuneec H920, H520, H480, H Plus, Q500, Parrot Anafi, Parrot Disco and a variety of others. I maintain multiple duplicates of the larger hexacopters for backup. I fly and film primarily in remote areas where there is no cell or internet service. Natural landscapes, waterfalls and forests are my home. Were it not for this hobby I would have never experienced many of these places. If I were to be restricted to a 400′ distance because of the lack of cell service, most of my filming would be compromised or impossible. In addition, I intentionally use aircraft that don’t rely on a phone or any apps. The controllers have built in monitors and communication to the aircraft. It is unclear how these could be modified, if at all, to comply with the RID. I understand there are designated flying fields in populated areas that may be exempt from the RID requirement. That is of zero value to me. There are vast areas of the US that are wilderness with no cell coverage. That is my flying field. The only aircraft I see are over 20,000 ft, save an occasional paraglider. It occurs to me the need for remote identification is limited to high population areas, high air traffic locations or sensitive areas for security reasons. Rather than blanket coverage of the entire country with the exception of a few flying fields, I suggest the creation of designated areas where RID would be suitably appropriate.”