, Elizabethtown

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 12:13:38
“A very fun, very enjoyable and relaxing Hobby. I’m a licensed aircraft technician and RC model aircraft enthusiast. I have always been interested in flying model aircraft which began when I was five (5) years old. My father built a free-flight scratch-built model (gas) and he and I flew line-control models as well. As battery/electric technology has improved, more affordable, lighter and easier to fly RC models have become available. I now have five (5) models, ranging from ultra-micro up to a 48″ wingspan trainer. There are no flying clubs close to my home, so I’m very limited to which places I can fly at, safely. Although I do not belong to any flying club, I take flying safety very seriously and do not fly at locations that would be in violation to current regulations or place any people or property in danger of injury or damage. In fact, I will not fly at any of my current flying locations, if there are any pedestrians within my flying area at that location. Due to the lack of flying locations available to me and the size of those locations, there are many model aircraft that I would like to purchase, own and fly, but have not because I cannot operate them in those locations for safety reasons. With that being said, if the current FAA proposal is approved, I will no longer be able to operate any of model aircraft larger than my ultra-micro models without additional modifications (if possible). Plus, the new proposal (if approved) would inflict additional expense to me in order to modify and/or operate my larger models, which I cannot afford or agree with. I do not operate nor have ever operated a drone, but I feel that the entire RC model aircraft industry is being penalized and restricted, due to regulations that are being created because of drone operators who violate safety and privacy laws. I would rather see the FAA make a separate set of regulations that pertain to RC drones only and not all model aircraft. I agree that safety is of an upmost priority, but I do not agree with the current proposal implementation in order to obtain it. I would like to see the FAA discuss their concerns with RC model aircraft industry people, like Flite Test, Horizon Hobby, Motion RC, Hobby King etc.. just to name a few, as well as RC model pilots, who know the industry and should be involved with drafting the RC regulations that best implement safety without adversely effecting the RC model aircraft industry. Thank You, Steve Klecanda”