, United Kingdom

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2020-02-23 16:02:12
“For the past 3 years I have self built and fly FPV quadcopters for fun. I fly in remote areas mostly away from the general public at hight levels of no more than approx 100ft. (All of the pilots i know also do the same). Our hobby is all about low level close proximity flying in abandoned areas away from the public. I am holder of a UK Civil Air Authority permission to fly commercial operations (PFCO) pilot. I took this course not to fly for payment but to learn more about the laws and to help me fly safer and within the law. The proposed US laws in my opinion are a complete joke and will ultimately kill the hobby i love. There is no risk assesment that has been done by the FAA to back up these draconian laws and more importantly there is no evidence of major accidents or proven near miss events involving drones. In my opinion if these laws come to pass they will kill the hobby in the US sending pilots into illegal flying spots and cause more hassle for the FAA than they bargained for. Also another possible scare is that this law will eventually bleed over into other countries ultimately causing a complete unjustified death of my beautiful hobby.”