, Oshkosh

, Wisconsin

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 22:55:48
“My hometown hosts an annual fly-in/airshow, so from a young age I have been around aircraft. My family includes aerospace engineers and private pilots. As an adult, I got burnt out at my job because exercises neither my creativity nor spatial skills. Rediscovering radio controlled aircraft has helped me to thrive as an individual. Unfortunately this coincided with an increase in regulations to the hobby, which threaten to restrict my ability to fly the models I have designed and built or purchased these past few years, even though my operation represents effectively no danger to the public through use of personal risk assessment and safety checklists. The hobby has been good at self-regulating thus far. I have yet to see an FAA/NTSB/etc. risk assessment that suggests otherwise. Nearby CBO flying fields are not accepting new members, so that isn’t even an option for me as an alternative to adding broadcast equipment to models. And most of my models haven’t payload capacity to safely handle the additional equipment weight.”