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2020-02-21 16:03:59
“To me, flying is provides 2 fold benefit. First, the research, planning, picking of components and assembling of complicated electronics, then testing, tweaking, and tuning the end project is one of the main rewards to the FPV drone hobby for me. The fact that a random shmoe like me can chose from and experiment with what seems like a limitless and ever evolving list of components with the help of an amazing on-line, international community of builders open-source developers, and pilots to build these amazing little machines incredibly rewarding and inspiring. The amount of global participation in the acrobatic drone / FPV community is truly inspiring. This is by nature an experimental hobby, and supports a huge base of international collaboration and technical innovation. Second, the actual flight is an escape from the daily grind. Strapping on the goggles and flying a FPV drone or fixed wing is a surreal experience. Being “IN” the aircraft via FPV completely focuses you on not only the incredible views and scenery you are immersed in, but also connects you with the flying machine and the complex control / maneuvering necessary to not only maintain flight, but also master acrobatic moves and develop a “Style” to your flying mostly in the form of proximity flight around interesting natural an man made obstacles. For the 3-5 minutes per battery pack that you are in the air, you completely turn off all of the background clutter of life and, as cheesy as this might sound, are as free as a bird! ### FPV / Acrobatic RC flight is not BVLOS flight. It is not GPS controlled autonomous flight. It is not commercial flight. It is not aerial photography oriented flight. It is not standing in a big open FRIA field flying in a big circle. What it IS, is an immersive, artistic, therapeutic, personal (some times social), and amazing form of aerial expression.”