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, Iowa

, United States

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2020-02-24 14:16:20
“Flying matters to me for the following reasons: Story: We lost our oldest son (26 years old) to suicide and this took a great toll on our family. In an effort to strengthen our family it became imperative for me to find something that our youngest son (22 years old) and I develop and strengthen our relationship. I had flown RC airplanes while I was stationed in the UK with the USAF. My son had come across my old FM radio and started looking online for information about RC flying. He came across Flite Test you tube page and became interested. We agreed that this would be good fun and purchased some equipment and built some foam board planes. The next year we went to Flite Fest where we volunteered and enjoyed the camaraderie of the event. This has also been an excellent opportunity for my son to learn electronics and about flying. 5 years later we are heavily into RC Airplanes. Having had insight from my previous experience with RC air planes I was able to share the importance of joining the AMA and a local flying club. This was essential in further understanding the safety aspects of the hobby. In addition we again developed lasting relationships. We have also involved Mom in the hobby to a lesser degree, but it is something our family can come together on. I am thankful to God for providing our family this opportunity to strengthen our family during a time of pure hell. Concerns/Ideas: Flying Sites: I am concerned when you present the absoluteness of dedicated flying sites managed by officially recognized CBO’s. My understanding concerning remote ID is that current club flying sites could be in jeopardy and if closed or shut down the ability to reopen or establish new sites would be extremely difficult and possibly prohibited. Safety: First of all the FAA appears to have no data on safety as it relates CBO flying sites. At least I have not seen any data. So to include the hobbyist in their over reaching justification of remote ID proposal does not hold ground. Gap in Understanding: I think that your stance on the FAA not understanding the GAP between commercial/professional RC needs/requirements and hobbyist RC needs/requirements is weak at best and possibly a smoke screen to mislead you into thinking they the “FAA” care. The AMA, which yes I am a member, have been working with the Government/FAA for years on hobbyist’s concerns. I think the AMA motives for the most part has informed government agencies of the needs/ requirements of the hobbyist. Unless your know something that I don’t, and please share, I would like to see the Flite Test organization pair up with the AMA if they are not already to prevent further regulation on the RC Hobby. United we stand divided we fall. Educational Opportunity: The Flite Test organization has done amazing things as it relates to interest and education in aeronautics. Their business model is all inclusive as it relates to the ages of those involved and provides a low cost opportunity to learn. The business model as I understand it was to provide an opportunity for young people and their parents to be involved together in a positive environment. The relationship matters! Thank you and God Bless, BK Snyder”