, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-23 21:48:31
“I fly mostly Backyard and ball park size planes. I used to fly 1/2A gas planes but the electrics have just gotten so much better that I don’t anymore. I ALWAYS fly with consideration of others in mind. It is on me to be a good neighbor when flying in any space other than my own yard and safety is ALWAYS FIRST. A Pilot must always consider what is the worst that could happen, ie if I lose control/contact with my plane or drone, could it hurt someone or cause damage to property? With that in mind I confine my operations to areas where that risk is minimized. I don’t fly over crowds, there is a defined flight “Box” that I fly in and if others enter that box then I may need to land and wait until that box is clear. These are simple rules from the flying fields of my youth back in the 70s, back when there were more flying clubs and dedicated flying fields.”