, Tucson

, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-18 21:54:21
“Flying is my hobby, its my community, its my passion. Every weekend for me revolves around going out to fly with my friends. I am definitely a enthusiast, I build lots of models. Building them for me is almost as much fun as flying them. I routinely do two types of flying. First is FPV flight out in the dessert. Me and some friends will go out for a entire day. We go out of town where we can get some free sky away from people and RF noise. We fly fixed wing aircraft and multirotors FPV. Typically we just try and fly in formation with the wings and try and chase them with the multirotors to get video. The wings and multirotors are manual operation. We do not fly anything autonomous. We are away from people and airports, we respect the airspace. Second type of flying I do is racing. We setup obstacles on a soccer field. Using FPV we race through the obstacles. We do move fast, but its racing through 5 foot gates. We rarely pop above 20 foot high as we race around the field. There is no autonomous functions, I am in control the entire time. We take plenty of precautions to make sure everything is safe. Again, we respect the airspace. To be competitive at racing you have to practice, practice, practice. Setting up a few obstacles in a open park, or soccer field, heck even in some empty dessert is the only way to practice consistently. Club flying fields are far away and not always welcoming to this type of flying. My concerns with the proposed rules is that would make either of these activities illegal, and they pose no risk to anyone on the ground or in the air. These regulations put unnecessary burden on a community of flight enthusiasts that pose no threat at all to the national airspace. I will also add, because of RC I am now putting in sim time and plan on getting flying lessons. That would have never happened without RC. These regulations would cripple the hobby to the point that someone like me might just not bother in the future.”