, Ames

, Iowa

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 11:18:48
“I’ve been a hobbyist pilot for more than 30 years (flying airplanes and drones below 400 feet) in mostly rural areas many miles from the nearest airports. The recent issues with people flying too close to airports are localized problems. FAA should focus new technologies on policing and jamming those offenders. LEAVE ME ALONE. Also, the push by AMAZON, and others, to make deliveries by drone is ridiculous. Our skies don’t need to be cluttered with drones so that my neighbor can get 1-day delivery of toilet paper. LEAVE ME ALONE. These proposed rules are an overreach by the FAA. It’s very clear to me that the idea of remote ID is being pushed by big corporate companies, with no regard for the hobbyists who have been lawfully using our skies for decades. This isn’t fair. LEAVE ME ALONE!”