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, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-17 11:31:04
“I have been building and flying RC airplanes/helicopter/drones for over 40 years. I have also built control line and free flight models. It has been a driving factor in my career, it has connected me to hundreds of people from young children to seniors. I have taught children how to fly who have gone on to successful careers in aviation and technology. I have helped aging seniors who can no longer get around on there home, relive moments of their childhood and watched a tear in their eye as they came to the field to see a maiden flight of a scale warbird they were involved with. I have watched the silent flight of gliders floating in the wind at the beach. It is important that we allow children to experience the excitement of taking a box of wood, some tissue and a small engine and making the whole thing come together and fly. Flying is elusive, it is passionate and it is fascinating. The technical skills that are built with this hobby blend into so many different areas that it is nearly impossible to define them all. Mechanics, Electronics, Graphic design, Polymers, chemistry, art, architecture,… flight brings together all facets of people from all walks of life and I just hate to see this stifled. We have sucessfully flown hundreds of thousands, if not millions of model airplanes for many many decades with a simple handful of incidents. This will be a devastating, overreach should things proceed as they are currently written. Common sense says that responsibility should be practiced in populated areas, but we have done a good job with that in the hobby.”