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, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-13 20:43:55
“As a child I was interested in what is now called STEM. I had the nomenclature for Military aircraft memorized. I “pestered” ( nagged ) my dad about RC models for a year. (1980’s). One day my dad put down his paper and said “Why torture yourself. We’re too poor. It’s too expensive. Put it out of your mind son.” I tried model rockets but eventually lost focus. Instead of becoming an engineer, I became a paramedic. In my early forties my son said “Dad I’m tired of model rockets. I want to fly RC airplanes.” Once Flitetest showed us how accessible flight was, we were hooked. I was the aerospace mentor for St Charles County Missouri 4H. I wanted to help students overcome the the barriers I experienced as a teenager. One of my advanced students wanted to map his family’s farm this year. He planned on using an FT-Spear with an F405-wing. And a GoPro camera. Since 2012, I’ve pressed for Drone use by our county ambulance service. I have my FAA part 107 certificate. I am for Remote I.D. But this sets a barrier to hobby and even custom light commercial builds. I am concerned that in the very near future I will have to say to some student “Put it out of your mind.” In the next part, one of the pictures is of me and my son after our very first successful flight. The other is another 4H Aerospace student’s Tiny Trainer that was on display at the Missouri State fair after winning at his county fair”