, Canada

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2020-02-22 9:08:03
“I Started flying about 5 years ago. I didn’t have hobby and spent all my time working. I had no interest in LOS flying so I started with FPV racing quad copters. I fly mostly at a dedicated flying field and sometimes practice on my 1.5 acre yard with my under 250gram drone. This hobby allows me to experience the beautiful thing we call flight and allows me a little piece of freedom that I didn’t have before. It is an amazing hobby and feel that remote ID will take that freedom away. I was fortunate to have very experienced RC pilots to learn from and show me the ropes of RC flight. The general public know very little about RC flight and even less about FPV flight and whats involved. It isn’t the experienced RC Pilot you need to be worried about as they are very dedicated people and have a wealth of knowledge to share and are very dedicated to their hobby and are more than willing to teach a new comer the ins and outs and safety of this great hobby. It is the general public or first time fliers that need to be educated on control and safety and there is no better place than a sanctioned field to accomplish this. Remote ID will effectively destroy this hobby and most fliers will not be able to afford the fees or licensing and stop flying completely. IT is not the dedicated RC pilots you should be targeting but the general public that receive or buy their first plane or drone as they do not understand the rules already in place in regards to safety and control and no fly zones. My thoughts. Training classes at a sanctioned field by experienced pilots covering safety and flight control. New pilots work towards getting their wings and small certification that they are competent in RC flight. Small online registration and mark the drones with with a registration linked to the owner or pilot. Educate the general public in regards to RC flight and FPV so they know and understand restricted areas and no fly zones. Allow use of personal properties as a fly zone with maybe a restriction on size of craft/under 500 grams ?”