, Wimberley

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 20:32:09
“As an EAA pilot and a rancher, I sometimes use my aircraft (RC) to check barbed-wire fence lines for myself and sometimes my neighbors. I check my deer herd via the same, find location(s) of VERY DESTRUCTIVE HOGS via RC MODELS although I mainly fly for sport and to keep my 57 year OLD mind sane as it applies to all senses. I own my own ranch and can fly on my own property wo concerning neighbors. It is an enjoyable hobby, a fun hobby and I surely love to be able to get younger kids into this wonderful world of flight. The hobby is somewhat expensive now and we generally GIVE new pilots that have learned via a “buddy box” a trainer-type aircraft (free of charge to them) to get them involved in aviation whether that leads to a hobby or FULL scale flight. Added costs would be ridiculous for many of our younger up and coming aviators and with the more included technology would like keep them from experiencing the uhmaazing world of flight.”