, lynchburg

, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-23 1:05:49
“I live in an area of Tennessee that is extremely hilly i cannot always fly where cell service is available other than my yard in town, i can rarely fly where i have service if i visit family or go to an area where there is just cows and trees there is no service no data to be had! by these laws being passed i would be limited to areas where i have to pay to fly and also drive 45 min to get there adding more hurdles to fly! i wish i could continue to enjoy using my equipment with minimal id requirement but i think a 2 gram R.F.I.D. tag like what goes into shoplifting tags would be a great way to allow the bad actors to be caught, there are thousands of frequencies that can be used and made for pennies.the weight of the id system can be proportional to the weight so it doesn’t affect flight, But i love smaller indoor / outdoor rc’s the smaller the better the huge ones are not in my price range either and i like to be in air conditioned or comfortable places when i fly fpv. by adding the hassle of line of sight i now have to find someone to fly with me and i am an adult that is hard to do sometimes when u don’t have friends in the same state or when everyone is at work when u can find 15 min to use 3 batteries or so to fly. by adding those ridiculous rules you limit my ability to fly when the feeling arouses me instead your rules make me inconvenience many people and spontaneity of this hobby!”