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2020-02-25 3:53:24
“I’m a 3rd generation Rc pilot, My grandfather was building and flying free flight planes before ww2. I’m 40 years old have a family of my own and would love to pass down the knowledge passed to me to my children. These rules would out right prevent that. It seems to me that the FAA is completely ignorant of large sections of this hobby. I Build and fly mostly electric gliders (foam board construction)and old times pre ww2 balsa designs modified for electric power. It’s not uncommon for me to be flying a airplane with an 8ft span and 14in chord. That weighs less then 4lbs. I understand that the hobby has changed drastically in the last decade, and that there is a lot of pressure from large companies to clear the skies for them. The reality is that people like me innovated most of the new technology involved in quad copters, vtols and autonomous gps guided drones. The knowledge to do that was built on generations of learning, experimentation and hard work.People in their backyards reiterating designs untill they worked. Large groups of people working together on the forums ( to develop the first hardware and software for vtols, quads and autonomous flight. If you take us out of the picture, and these rules will.( There is no way for me to teach my children this process if we can’t fly.) There will be no one to come up with the solutions to the problems the industry will face in the future. The proposed rules do nothing for saftey. They completely fail at any intent to create a safer environment. Because there is no significant safety problem to start with.”