, Williamsburg

, Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-19 12:04:59
“I’m 70 years old… I have been involved with model aviation in some form or other since I was 9 years old… I have thousands of hours of my life tied up in this… I have thousands of dollars tied up in this…. I have thousand hours and made countless freinds while involved with this hobby… I had the privilege of learning from some of the people that were like me modelers… these people worked for and help put men on the moon…They were modelers from the time they were very young…. this endeavor has been handled very callously by the FAA. The loss of this activeity would be a giant blow to this country….. The history of real aviation in this country started with people just like to ones you seek to stop from doing what they do … model aviation to where it is in this country today…. Yes it started in the back yard, in a vacant lot.. the local school yard… and it continues today.. If the FAA doesn’t stop it with rules that make everthing I got involved worthless including my prescious time….. Please consider this…. I am one person in one area of a state Virginia…… There are thousands like me through out the state of Viginia… We build construct and purchase some of our aircraft…. I have hundreds and hundreds of web sites that I learn on , purchase equipment, and parts from….. Now take what I just told you and multiply it by 50 states…. The FAA with it’s purposed laws rules and regulations will end that… Not just for modelers here in the United states but all over the globe…..Where does the FAA think we get a lot of the things we use? This stuff is not just produced here. It’s produced all over the world….. Everthing I have writen here is not just exaggeration… If anything my inability to exlain better has grossly understated the situation….. This hobby is part of a world economy. What we fly is never out of visual sight…. even with FPV…the areas and places I fly would never interfer with commercial aircraft… And accept for some of the gps guided longer range camera drones that are availble to the public….. most race drone and free style pilots would never be a hazard to real commercial drones and aircraft. Model airplanes that our club flys would never be a hazards to comercial aircraft…. no matter where we fly, at our club field, the local school yard or a local pond or lake for aircraft flown of the water or a park..The FAA is in this case trying to control a problem that doesn’t exist. Thank you for the opportunity.”