, Norway

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2020-02-19 10:17:33
“I fly quadcopters only for recreational use, i build them myself, test and tune them myself, and makes sure everything is working My concern is that the new FAA regulation would halter the hobby development, both because the hobby should be aviable in all price classes, flight hobbies are allready quite pricy, and complex, a remote ID requirement would not only make it a more expensive hobby, but also a more complex one. This hobby is a gateway hobby, and what i mean by that is that kids get introduced to the hobby at a young age, wich helps kids learn positive ways trough life, creating a closer bond between parents and kids. A couple of years ago, the norwegian champ was a 13 year old, he got into the hobby by his father, who for a long time had a wide interest in rc models of all kind. My second concern is that i know people who have a hard life, but in flying their quad, they find a way to escape those things that weigh their life down, a tedency of these people is that they normally dont have much money, a requirement from the FAA would make it harder for them to continue in the hobby, as they may not be able to afford everything they need My idea is that recreational pilots should not have this required, instead, enforce it on commercial pilots, they make money of it, the recreationals dont, they only fly because it entertains them, to escape what weights them down, to help me escape and find comfort in something”