, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-19 14:38:48
“Flying matters to me because planes and aviation are my passion. I joined the USAF to be a mechanic and now I am a A&P mechanic after retiring. Love aviation history as well as the freedom of flying, both line of sight and recently FPV. Both worlds bring unique perspectives to aviation experience. Ive flown most models from micro to 40lb gassers, plus helis. FPV gives me the missing racing experience thats only possible with FPV, from the planes view. Biggest concern is the limited fields we have that will go away due to development, club closures, owners selling property etc. Without the ability to have newer fields approved, the hobby could die off. Having FAA certify HOBBY products would or could kill off the industry, starting with mom and pop companies that have been around for decades.”