St Arneault

, Canada

Posted on
2020-02-23 14:07:47
“No matter what regulations any government passes to control model aviation, not everyone who buys an aircraft be it a drone, plane, glider, whatever, is going to john a flying club, or pay for MAAC membership or even care about the rules because god knows there’s people out there that only care about their own enjoyment, that moment in time or just being idiots ! As long as we all do our best to teach good conduct and safety practices in modelers in the aviation hobby and we obey flight restrictions for our ares there’s no reason to go berserk and ruin this wonderful hobby with rediculous rules and restrictions! We must also keep in mind that a model airplane is not a drone! If the government must penalize someone, then let them catch and convict those few operators who actually commit flying offenses that endangers us all.”