, Riverton

, Wyoming

, United States

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2020-02-22 13:51:38
“I have been involved in model aviation for over 65 years and in radio controlled traditional model aviation for 40 years. I own and maintain over 50 RC models of every type from 3″ – 120″ and 2.5 grams to 25 pounds. I fly at various sites including fixed AMA registered sites in WY, CO, UT and NB; at a self maintained dirt flying field on my personal property; float planes at several public lakes / ponds; sailplanes on public land slope soaring sites; at public parks and indoors at school gyms. Every model aircraft is flown line of sight without GPS or autonomous flying systems or capability. Adding remote identification systems to my numerous traditional model aircraft is both technically and financially impossible. Traditional hobbyist model aviation has been safely integrated in the national air space for over 70 years and should NOT be subject to these onerous, costly and unnecessary remote ID regulations. I will be unable to comply but I will continue to fly.”