, Galway

, New York

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 22:18:03
“Flying has been an enjoyable recreational pastime, but it has also been the gateway for: learning about electronics, learning about avionics, designing and building my own aircraft, learning about programming, learning about video editing, joining a friendly and supportive hobby community, and, most importantly, doing all of the above with my daughters. For me and every other hobbyist I know, RC flying isn’t about buying off-the-shelf Phantoms and taking aerial photos. It’s about creating things with our own hands, testing new ideas, learning from failures, building community, engaging with our families, and enjoying a shared appreciation for the mechanics, history, and aesthetics of flight. The proposed regulations would not only interfere with our ability to enjoy our peaceful, non-invasive hobby, it would also prevent new entry into the hobby and shut down commerce related to the hobby. It would throttle the life out of RC aviation and immediately jeopardize hundreds of people’s livelihoods, all in exchange for essentially zero benefit to public welfare. That’s not even getting started with the invasion of privacy the regulations involve.”