, Atlantic Beach

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-20 20:21:00
“Flying matters to me because of the incredible amount of education, exercise, research and fun that comes with this hobby. Before this hobby, I only had a base level knowledge of electronics, design, manufacturing, radio frequency performance, antenna design, robotics, battery technology, remote sensing, soldering, photography, topography, mapping, audio/video editing, the principals of PID tuning, and a host of other disciplines. I would now consider myself a well experienced and knowledgeable citizen of these disciplines. I can now take a pile of carbon, circuits, electric motors antennas and batteries and build, program, and fly a machine that broadcasts video back to goggles so I can experience the thrill of flight. Also, before this hobby I rarely went outside and spent most of my free time watching TV or playing video games. Now I go outside every week and have made lasting relationships with, not only other hobbyists, but other members of society. I am proud to be known as “that drone guy” who is always willing to lend a spare set of FPV goggles to anybody passing by that is unfamiliar with the hobby. It fills me with satisfaction to hear kids and adults gasp in awe when putting on goggles and riding along while I take them on an FPV flight. The NPRM will destroy this hobby and all of the joy, education, and fulfillment that each hobbyist around the country experiences every time they plug in a battery and take to the sky.”