, Kearney

, Nebraska

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 10:48:01
“I have been flying radio control fixed and rotary wing aircraft for over 40 years. I am an AMA member, an officer of my local club and I also have taught new pilots how to fly fixed wing models and competed in AMA pattern competions here in the midwest. I believe the reaction to the poor behavior of drone pilots has been grossly exaggerated. The AMA and it’s members have safely operated unmanned model aircraft for decades. It has therefore been established that we have not and will not need any changes in government regulation going forward. However, there is the matter of “any idiot with a check book” that buys and operates a drone because they cannot fly a model aircraft – but drones can basically fly themselves. It would appear our technology has advanced to a stage to bite us in the collective rear end. It is my opinion that drones should be singled out and the regulations you are proposing should apply to them in the strictest possible terms and the AMA members should be left alone. There are over 200,000 of us who are both unwilling and in many cases unable to spend hundreds of dollars to equip all of our aircraft with RFID transponders. As for the limitations on flying sites I believe if you check you will realize that thanks to the AMA, the due-diligence is already in place to create non-conflicting flying sites both in design and location from full-scale aircraft to insure safe operation of our models so no further action should be taken to restrict clubs from securing a flying site. AND, I think if you check you’ll find that NONE of the drone misbehavior had anything to do with any sanctioned AMA flying site. Thank you for tackling a difficult problem and I am praying for your insight to find a resolution. Rick”