, Canada

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2020-02-23 9:56:29
“This will effect a lot of people who love getting out and flying. People who aren’t breaking rules and that just want to have a good time. I think there needs to be more talk about what kind of drones there are and that not all drones are piloted the same way or built the same way and are not flown the same way. The rules look to be made up for just one kind of drone. The kind that get flown high and far (arial photography drones) are the ones these rules will be good for. The drone operators that make there own racing/freestyle drone and who have learnt on a simulator have already learnt respect of the machinery and do not wish to fly high and far. They fly close and low near trees usually. Nobody wants to fly in an open field with a freestyle quadcoppter. If these rules are made as they are written they will be broken by a lot of people. People who have been flying safely for months to decades and don’t see these rules as a moving forward approach. I also would like to say that me personally was getting into bad things and finding a hobby were I could communicate with fellow drone pilots and build a flying machine from scratch has helped me Immensely and the though of loneliness is gone now and I would prefer to keep it gone. There is also a huge learning part in schools that would go away. Kids like to learn about flight. If they can’t scratch build something together and try it out in their back yard these kids will be forced to do things that they don’t even find interesting.”