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2020-02-20 9:23:02
“first , remote control planes has been a hobby for more than 45 years , along the years pilots had to comply with all kind of regulations about flying heights , flying distance , flying wheight , somehow i agree with these regulations to keep airspace safe !! , i understand that a hobbyist should not put other peoples life in jeopardy and should respect commercial flying regulations , areas , altitudes , and distances from any airport in the world , but now !!!! i just think that the FAA is going way too far !!! , the FAA wants to have total control of the airspace and heres the reasons why ! , 1- the us army are already building their own surveillance drones to patrol some borders and other purposes ! , 2- some police depts in the usa have surveillance drones probably for search and rescue and around and over cities surveillance, 3- some well known companies would like to have their airspace too like AMAZON and other delivery companies ect. to me , the FAA will do anything in their power to please the us goverment and these rich companies to banned RC MODEL FLYING into ( THEIR AIRSPACE) ! THEY JUST DONT WANT YOU IN THEIR WAY !!!!!!!!”