, Truckee

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-20 1:20:36
“I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. flying over the trees and across ridgtops is a freedom like nothing else. where I fly there is absolutely zero risk to any other sort of aircraft or to the general public. to tell me I cant fly out here is like saying I cant mountain bike or I cant go skiing in the backcountry. Remote ID will kill our innovation in aviation for the next generation of pilots and scientists. you can say I have to take a test, like a drivers license. You can make me register my aircraft like a car at the DMV but you cannot deny me from my hobby when Iam FAA 107 licensed, FAA registered and FCC certified (HAM RADIO KM6UVV) I will jump through your hoops but I will be airborn the whole time.”