, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-20 22:50:16
“I live in a small town in Tennesee where there isnt much to do or see. I fly in a cow field next to my house and have for several years and i still love it to this day. FPV flying does not even come close to the problems that people or the media have been portraying about drones or quads in general. FPV flying is all about location and having fun, its not about flying super high like an idiot, or causing trouble. FPV flying is all about the pilot and nature, and thats what makes it different and fun. The people that go out and buy these GPS drones that dont really care about the hobby, are the ones causing all this trouble. I have an idea, since they already have GPS on these drones already, why not make them require remote id??? It makes so much more sense to me and several more people. I would be more than happy to open an app on my phone and let someone know im flying and where. And when im done also wouldnt be a problem. But more than that, what else should there be? Please reconsider the remote id for personal built hobby Fpv quads. This is a hobby that has changed mine and many more peoples lives for the better because it is an excellent hobby that teaches more than just about a drone. I have learned to solder, learned more about electric applications, and much more. FPV is a hobby, and is the only hobby that i know of with ZERO DEATHS!! And since fpv is a hobby, we people in the hobby take it serious and want it to continue of course, but also make it so everyone can enjoy this hobby and not do stupid things to jeopardize it as well. Unlike most automated or DJI drones, etc. These are not built, but bought. So anyone can fly them like an idiot. But FPV? They are built, not bought, and are a hobby as a whole. And when its a hobby, it can be life!!”