, Shalimar

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 23:19:42
“I remember the day I saw my first radio-controlled plane being taxed on my neighborhood street; I was hooked. I have been in the R/C hobby since the early 70’s, currently have in excess of 30k invested in the hobby, and god only knows how much I have spent over the years. The proposed regulations appears to be nothing more than a power grab. Kind of weird considering president Trump keeps taking about how many regulations his administration has gotten rid of. I wonder if he knows what the FAA is up to? The proposed regulation will kill the R/C hobby and industry. As for safety and security, per flying hour the R/C industry has had a better safety record than all of the full-sized industry combined period and that has been without the proposed regulations, and for safety and security. Really?? if someone want to do something nefarious let’s say with an r/c plane or drone these regs will not stop them. On a side note I have over 5,000hrs flight time in all types of USAF helicopters and not once in all my years of flying has an R/C plane been a issue.”