, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-24 9:42:30
“I got started flying models before I had a drivers license. It provided me a path to earning an engineering degree, a commission in the US Air Force, and a lifelong passion for flight The restrictions should they be placed on recreational models (those flown at registered club sites via line of sight), will remove a path for young people to develop that same passion for flight, which will reduce the number of young people pursuing careers in STEM. The skills developed building and flying models also has helped me in everyday life, as many of those skills are tranferable (electrical skills, woodworking skills, just to name a couple). Restricting line of sight flight by requiring remote ID and removing flying sites on an attrition basis simply diminishes the access to developing tomorrows scientists. One only has to see the interest and excitement on a young persons face the first time they get to fly a model.”