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2020-02-22 12:37:46
“When I was still a freshman in university around early 2014, I had to ask my self what degree i wanted to get. I thought of how cool and interested I was in flying rc aircraft when I was younger. I flew a RTF cub and a BNF P-40 warhawk. Those experiences with building and flying lead me to getting a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, I joined the local Society of Flight Test Engineers which is where I found and built my first Flite Test foam scratch build. At some point i came across a video of drones racing through a forest in france in 2014. The leds glowing reminded me pod racing from Star Wars. I wanted to build and fly like that from Then on. Then in the summer of 2017, I bought and built my first multi rotor. I had spent hours looking over which parts to get all because i wanted to live the fanatsy. In order to build any of my multi rotors, i had to learn to solder, which ended up playing a large part in landing my first job after graduating from university. I was practically hired because I had soldering skills. Flying as a hobby also opened up doors to more hobbies for me. Things like 3D printing, laser cutting, and programming. So much technology has become available to me and isnt a mysterious black box. I attribute so much of what i have done because of flying rc planes and multi rotors. I like flying my tiny whoop around with my nephews so that I can help inspire them to learn and build. Im worried that with this proposal that the FAA wants to pass is going to destroy the hobby. Its going to kill so much innovation and imagination. Criminalize good well meaning people. I cant help but feel like these big tech companies are trying to monetize the very air over my head and its frightening. Finally, this proposal just feels un american. We say we are free yet we wont be able to fly over our own land? Are we going to have to buy airspace when we buy properties in addition to mineral rights? That isnt right. Im fine with the 400 ft ceiling, but a 400 foot radius box is prohibitively small and arbitrary. Any one of my craft could cross that distance in a matter of seconds! It’s just ridiculous. I hope that this proposal gets adjusted. I plan to submit a comment and contact my local representative, because I would be so disheartened if this hobby dies like this.”