, Australia

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2020-02-14 11:13:03
“I started flying rc electric/nitro planes in my early thirties and have never looked back since, it has help me with being more enthusiastic day to day and has help me with my mild depression, it has always made me happy and to have goal in life to look foward to the friendships with other rc pilots, i also fly miniquads micro’s and now fly fpv. If these regulations are passed in the USA they will affect all of us here in Australia, New Zealand and Europe severly and affect our ability to come to the USA to fly along side our fellow rc pilots. Eventually these same restrictions and requirements will hit our as shores as well of that i have no doupt!! Without this hobby i would be lost. I hope that the FAA reconsiders dropping these regulations and restrictions on rc hobbyists, rc pilots are responsible pilots and always fly safe in safe locations, i am actually a subsciber to CASA our (FAA) and use there app to fly in safe locations away from people and their property, 5 klms away from airports and have never had a problem from anyone so please take example from other country’s including New Zealand with there law of being allowed to fly any weight quadcopter up to 5klgs to the height of the tallest tree and /or tallest empty building around you safley please think on that FAA as rc modelling has a very very safe record and it should not be a crime to be an rc hobbyist. The extra cost involved in your systems and subsciptions would simply force many many rc pilots to quit the hobby and to me thats not acceptable for the future kids that would miss out on an exiting fantastic hobby that has lead to inovation, engineering and even contributed to space flight so please think this through FAA.”