, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-18 10:29:16
“##### I first got into the hobby when my brother got a “slow-stick.” I have always liked “Quads” and “Drones,” so I looked them up on and found the Emax Tinyhawk. And then I got the Emax Tinyhawk s It is so far the best Quad I have ever flown. They both have FPV which is awesome. And I am now a FPV quad hobbyist. I love to fly FPV Quads and regular airplanes. I am glad that flitetest, Emax and others are making this hobby accessible to anyone who wants to fly. I fly in my backyard when it is not wet or really windy. My brothers and I enjoy flying together and have fun doing competitions with our RC airplanes and with my Quad.”