, Colorado

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2020-02-23 10:34:21
“I discovered RC flying as a teen in the late 70’s. The best part about the hobby was that it gave me a purpose to my education. It provided a visual and tactile example of the math and science I was learning. Today I think this is still a completely valid point and perhaps the most important reason not to crush the hobby with un-necessary regulation. Today my RC flying is generally done with gliders. Back when I was a teen my friends and I crashed our power planes in a matter of seconds or perhaps days, but either way it became a bit discouraging so we switched to gliders. That gave me additional motivation to study weather specifically local winds and topography as we plotted new locations from which to fly. And this is still the same today, my greatest enjoyment comes from throwing my Dream Flight glider off some remote hill and dancing with the wind. While I appreciate the government’s attempt to keep us all “safe”, I think there are much bigger threats to public safety (guns) and data gathering (Facebook) than RC aircraft.”